Your warehouse can help you SAVE MONEY

Why place “last minute” orders for quantities and risk making an expensive mistake?

With us you can cut costs, and the room for error.

For years, L’Imballaggio has offered a supply service that revolves around the customer’s warehouse stocks. This has yielded excellent results in the working relations with our partners.

Packaging is not always the same.

During handling of a product, the risk of damage from a poorly stacked pallet is very high.

This is precisely why at L’Imballaggio our primary mission is the continuous study and improvement of details.
With our experience and extensive collaboration with our partners, we have created a new concept in supply:

Small business on an industrial scale.



We produce pallets and bed plates that meet all the leading commercial standards.


We also produce large and extra-large containers designed for oversized loads.


We can treat timber and packaging to suit the requirements of the customer and the product.

What can we do
for you?

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