Why choose us:

Formed almost half a century ago, over the years, L’Imballaggio has flourished. The company owes its growth to a ceaseless search for improvement.
We’re humble enough to know that you can never rest on your laurels: it’s an approach that has led us, over the years, to change, innovate and perfect our products and services, focusing on all-round excellence.

In un mercato internazionale dalle esigenze quanto mai variegate, abbiamo voluto e saputo orientarci verso una produzione “sartoriale”, USCENDO DAGLI STANDARD e adattandoci meticolosamente alle necessità dei partner ricercando la qualità dei prodotti e dei servizi che vogliono essere il frutto della sapienza artigianale unita all’efficienza dell’industria.


We are a GREEN company

Eco-sustainability is a key issue for us – and we’re not just saying that.We believe it is right, and inevitable, to take a real stand in this area, and all our decisions are based on this.

  • Our raw materials suppliers undergo a rigorous selection process based on the high quality of their timber, which must comply with European certification standards and come from genuine reforestation areas. We only choose suppliers who can always provide us with the necessary documentation certifying the origin and processing of the timber.
  • L’Imballaggio can carefully check energy consumption on its latest generation management software. Every phase of production is organised with the utmost precision. Nothing is left to chance.
  • More than 50% of the company’s energy requirement comes fromphotovoltaic panels.
  • 95% of the energy needed for the HT furnace and thermal systems comes from the reuse of production waste.

L’Imballaggio aims to continually increase its energy and ecological performance.We want to be taken seriously for our social credentials, which are aspects that are all too often forgotten.

Reusing waste
Using clean energy
Timber from regenerated forests
Reduced costs
Reduced errors
Increased productivity

We can offer a CONNECTED warehouse

For years, L’Imballaggio has offered a supply service that is based on the customer’s warehouse stocks.,This approach has yielded excellent results in our working relations. You update your stocks based on your requirements and forecasts, while we arrange the production and deliver the goods, without you having to do anything else.

The result? Lower costs, faster time to market, lower possibility of error.

We are at your disposal for more detailed information. Contact us to find out how we can improve your supply chain!

Stock of YOUR products

We offer another extremely useful, highly efficient service that saves you time and space: Storage at our large warehouse..
At your request, we can produce and stock quantities of goods that are delivered as and when you need them.
The goods will be ready to use without having to wait, and your warehouses will have more space for other internal requirements.

Fast delivery
Reduced lead times
Clearing YOUR warehouse

We are here to help

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