L’IMBALLAGGIO is an authorised producer of CP pallets and bed plates, which meet all the highest commercial standards. A wide, diversified range, top-quality materials and high quality processing: our pallets are tools of the trade that offer superior characteristics in all working conditions.


  • Authorised CP producer
  • Wide range
  • Made-to-measure


We use top quality timber. Our construction and assembly is state-of-the-art: whether your products are goods or machines, they will always be safe in the crates produced by L’IMBALLAGGIO. We produce and distribute large and extra-large containers, designed for oversized loads.


  • Safer during transport
  • Large and extra-large containers
  • Designed for large loads and volumes

Frames and semifinished pallets

L’IMBALLAGGIO offers a wide range of frames, sized and shaped to match the type of goods to be packaged or transported. Resistant, versatile and functional, like all our company’s products. There is also an extensive range of semifinished products and parts for all types of wooden packaging.

Semifinished pallets+

  • Wide range of pallets
  • • Resistant/Versatile/Functional
  • products and parts