Warehouse Stock

The Warehouse Stock service is often designed and provided by companies as a temporary parking space for surplus goods, without any real organisation and without capitalising on its true potential.

L’Imballaggio can offer a new approach to this service too

Our modus operandi always starts from the idea that the partner must obtain tangible benefits from working with us.
The Stock service offered in our large warehouse is based on three essential points:saving time, saving space, and reducing errors.


How does it work?

A set quantity of packaging based on the usage forecasts is produced and is stored in a reserved area on our premises. WHEN YOU NEED IT you can take out the AS MUCH AS YOU REQUIRE.

Saving time

There will be no need to wait for production schedules each time and all the bureaucracy associated with orders and confirmations is avoided. All you have to do is agree delivery of the goods.
Quicker supply times mean accelerating product management, which gives greater opportunity for INCREASING PRODUCTION

Saving space

Obviously by not having to accumulate stocks or substantial quantities of packaging, you will ALWAYS HAVE ENOUGH SPACE AVAILABLE for your needs.
In addition, this avoids the risk of not having enough or having too many pallets and frames.

Reducing errors

Cutting down bureaucracy reduces the risk of error when processing orders and there is no need to continuously update the warehouse either, therefore lowering the chances of misunderstandings with the purchasing office.
This limits the situations in which an excess number of goods is ordered, or worse still when there are not enough.